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(1) The GBASS has a strong ethical base, which promotes the sporting capture and release of bass by rod and line.

(2) Minimum length of bass eligible for entry 50.8cm (20 inches) and no less than 3lb in weight. From foremost part of fish to the ‘V’ of tail. Members are advised to carry a measuring device and should always endeavour to return smaller fish unharmed to the water. Boat Section minimum size is 21 inches and no less than 4lb in weight. Junior entries are 3lb minimum from boat and shore.

(3) For the period starting 1st February and ending 31st March, members may enter a shore or boat caught bass into the club only if it has been fairly caught, weighed on calibrated scales and returned, alive, to the sea.  During these periods, members are not able to weigh a bass into the club if it has been kept for consumption or has died prior to or upon attempted release.  For the period between 1st April – 31st January, two shore and / or boat caught fish (per calendar day) can be retained and weighed into the club.  All other fish in the same 24hr period can only be weighed into the club if they have been fairly caught, weighed on calibrated scales and returned, alive, to the sea.

(4) All fish to be weighed on tested scales. Members wishing to return fish to the sea can weigh them on their own scales provided they have been checked and approved against club scales.

​(5) During competitions, no more than two rods may be used at any one time.

​(6) Boundaries for all GBASS shore competitions are deemed as the Guernsey shoreline and must be accessed and vacated on foot. Herm is the only exception to this rule. 

​(7) No assistance shall be given in landing a fish except by netting, gaffing or lifting by trace (as permitted by the British Rod Caught Record Committee).

​(8) All entries to be weighed and reported to a Committee Member (a nominated committee member will be provided at the beginning of each year) within 24 hours of capture.

​(9) No foul-hooked fish shall be eligible for entry.

​(10) Any objection to any fish must be received in writing and signed, within seven days of the fish being caught.

(11) All monthly prizes from both shore and boat will go to the heaviest fish caught and released in each section.

​(12). All cups and trophies (except miniatures) shall remain the property of the club.

​(13) Members are expected to behave themselves on any Club outing or function and will be responsible for carefully disposing of litter during competitions.

​(14) Any member infringing any rule is liable to be called before the Committee and if explanation is not acceptable, that member shall be liable to expulsion from the club.

​(15) The final date for renewal of subscriptions for membership in any season shall be on the last day of February. Applications for NEW memberships will be considered throughout the year.

​(16) The age limit for the acceptance of Junior members shall be 12 – 16 years old, with any Junior attaining the age of 12 during the current season being eligible.

​(17) No member of the Club shall set either nets or trot from the foreshore of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Any member found doing so will be liable to expulsion from the club.

​(18) Any member involved in or using fishing for personal gain will not be able to be elected onto the committee and could forfeit his / her membership.

​(19) Any member who regularly participates in the capture of large quantities of shoaling/spawning bass will be deemed to be at odds with the ethics of the GBASS and could forfeit their membership at the committee’s discretion.

​(20) No member of the Club to fish as a commercial fisherman or with a commercial fisherman for his boat and expect to weigh in any bass caught off such a trip.

​(20a) Any bass caught on a charter trip which is paid for by the angler will be accepted.

​(20b) The selling of bass solely for profit is not considered as an acceptable practice for a sport-fishing society. The Committee therefore will take a negative approach to this activity.


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