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GBASS - 2023 Competition Dates

The Guernsey Bass Anglers Sportfishing Society run a number of club competitions during the year as well as an open competition which allows non-members to enter.

There is also a chance each month for club members to win a £25 Boatworks+ voucher for the heaviest C&R shore bass.

Club competition times are from 6.00pm Fridays to 09.00am Mondays (with the exception of the Open Festival).  

Club members are reminded that all catches must be texted to Dan Norman on 07911 758350 within 24hrs.

Competition Dates             Event

1 January – 31 December                             GBASS Shore Championship                                                                                              (heaviest total shore aggregate by                                                                                   an individual angler)

1 January – 31 December                             GBASS Specimen Shield (heaviest 5                                                                                shore fish by an individual angler)

1 January – 31 December                             Herm Challenge (heaviest shore fish                                                                              caught from Herm)

1 March – 31 May                                           GBASS Spring Challenge (heaviest                                                                                    shore fish during the period)

1 January – 31 December                             GBASS Boat Champ (incl. kayaks)

                                                                            (heaviest total boat aggregate by                                                                                     an individual angler)

1 October – 31 December                            GBASS Autumn Cup                                                                                                              (heaviest shore fish during the                                                                                         period)

20 - 22 January                                                Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

17 - 19 February                                              Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

24 - 26 March                                                   Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

21 - 23 April                                                      Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

19 - 21 May                                                       Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

16 - 18 June                                                      Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

7 - 9 July                                                            Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

31 Aug - 4th Sept                                           GBASS Guernsey Open Bass Festival

15 - 17 Sept                                                      Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

13 - 15 October                                               Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

24 - 26 November                                          Weekend Pair/Individual Comp

15 - 17 December                                           Weekend Pair/Individual Comp


You may also want to enter the Guernsey Fish of the Month competition, please see below a link to the entry form and rules (pdf file). Please note that this competition is not run by GBASS.

FOM Rules & Entry Form

Sea Bass Catch & Release
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