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Why Join GBASS?


GBASS is Guernsey's oldest surviving BASS Club and is proudly affiliated with BASS.  


We strive to promote sport fishing for Bass in Guernsey, we are conservation minded and like to encourage catch and release however, we also promote the right for anglers to put a fish on the table and in line with the scientific advice, we are C&R Dec, Jan & Feb only and two fish can be retained for the table every day for the rest of the year. 


Whether you are a shore angler, boat, kayak, lure angler, there is place for you in the club.  There are  many different categories of competition throughout the fishing season plus each month there is a chance to win a £25 Boatworks+ voucher for the heaviest C&R shore bass.

As well as a year long competition, best five specimen fish, the spring shield and autumn cup, there are also monthly prizes to be won.  GBASS membership also means you get a 10% discount off purchases from Mick's Fishing.

There are social evenings to meet up and chat bass and also a Herm weekend every year.

Whilst the club is competitive, there is also a place for the more laid back anglers amongst us and for those that want to learn.

To apply to join please click and if you have any queries, please give us a shout, you can contact us through the website or alternatively, all of the committees' contacts are available via this site.





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